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not a distraction, but pain in the ass
:small::weep:Оn the latest record , I had an injury and I was unable to play some of the parts.
I was thinking about,so i'd just hum it to Tomo ,y'know ? And he'd play it. He's great that way.:heart:
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not a distraction, but pain in the ass
Да,это волшебно , и действительно эпично.И как-то уютно и по-домашнему, лдновременно.Игра в Феллини,как и в Кубрика и Бертолу Джареду явно удалась.Просмотрела толко два раза,и ,как все наверно, разбор деталий и их смысл начну позже . И в очередной раз умиляет подробное перчисление всех,кто учавствоал в процессе.

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Как мило Jared Leto Sent Us Cupcakes

not a distraction, but pain in the ass

Источник http://newsroom.mtv.com/2008/12/03/jared-leto-sent-us-cupcakes/

Earlier this week, MTV News published an "in the studio " piece"with 30 Seconds to Mars, in which they played us some new songs, gave us a tour of the facilities and talked in great detail about the ongoing $30 million breach-of-contract lawsuit filed by their former label, Virgin/EMI. This was the first time they’d done this, and needless to say, 30STM frontman/dreamboat Jared Leto was pleased with the results.

How do we know this? Well, because he said so, in the handwritten note he sent along with a dozen cupcakes from NYC’s Sugar Sweet Sunshine bakery (there were even a few red-velvet ones in there, which only proves that he’s got good taste). I’ve included a photo of said note — made out to myself and MTV News metal scribe Chris Harris — with this blog post, not just so you can scope Leto’s penmanship (which is pretty great) and marvel at the fact that he spelled “grateful” correctly, but also to make you very jealous.

It was a very gracious gift, indeed, and we’re very thankful to Jared and his 30STM pals. Not only did it make everyone in the MTV Newsroom feel just like Angela Chase on that one episode of “My So-Called Life” when Jordan Catalano gives her the “I’m Sorry” note (only this one was actually written by Jordan and not Brian Krakow), but the cupcakes made for a great “post-lunch, pre-3 p.m. coffee” pick-me-up. Oh, and before they were summarily devoured by hungry staffers, I managed to snap a photo of the cupcakes, which you can see after the jump.

Некоторым заметка показалась немного саркастичной, да и без упоминания Каталано никак.Но все равно как-то тепло от этого.и почерк у Джареда вполне читаемый .Открыточка ,правда, с сердечком и цветочками.Но, может,это единственное, что было в той кондитерской.

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