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not a distraction, but pain in the ass
:cool: посылала его в коментах на ЕШЕЛОН.очень рекоmендую.
30 Seconds to Mars Interview

Jared Leto (vocals, guitar)
Tomo Milicevic (guitar)
Matt Wachter (bass)
The Roxy - Boston, MA
Interviewed by: Eric & Erin

Erin: Ok, we gotta ask the name question. Where did you come up with 30 Seconds to Mars?

Matt: Our imaginations.

Tomo: Yeah, it has nothing to do with space or time travel at all.

Matt: It's not meant to be taken literally. It's just what we feel best describes…

Tomo: We should actually move somewhere else because it's going to get super loud.

Matt: Yeah.

(We move downstairs to a much more quiet area because another band is doing soundcheck upstairs where we were originally)

Eric: Alright.

Tomo: So, anyway.

Matt: So yeah. We kind of get pigeonholed into that whole "oh you guys are all about outer space and time travel." Those are all metaphors. They are all to describe our music and what we call the human condition. We all go through the same trials and tribulations, ups and downs, and good things and bad things. It's something people can relate to.

Eric: Cool. I understand that the writing and recording process took almost 2 years for your new album, A Beautiful Lie, and that you guys traveled to 4 different continents.

Matt: You did your homework. (smiles) Good job. (laughs all around)

Tomo: Yes. All over the place. It was actually closer to 3 years to be honest.

Matt: Yeah I would say from start to finish.

Eric: What was that whole process like?

Matt: A rollercoaster. (laughs)

Tomo: A rollercoaster. That's perfect. It's very difficult, you know? We're control freaks.

Matt: I'm sorry. (answers cell phone)

Tomo: We are very, very, very anal about what we do. We take it very seriously. Hold on. (looks at Matt)

Matt: (on the phone) We're down the stairs. Yeah, down the front stairs where the entrance is. Yeah. Ok. Bye. (hangs up)

Tomo: We take everything very seriously. Our quality control standards are probably higher than any band out there. I don't think anyone is going to redo and shuffle through things as many times as we did.

Matt: It's not necessarily a formula. We don't intentionally set out to do that.

Tomo: No, no. We just set out to make sure it's the best it can possibly be.

Matt: Oh yeah. Every avenue is explored.

Tomo: Yeah. We don't let any idea go unexplored. We set everything through to fruition.

Matt: Nicely said.

Tomo: Thank you.

Eric: So how do you feel it compares to your first release?

Matt: It's totally different. It doesn't compare.

Tomo: Yeah.

Matt: (shouting) Over here!

Voice somewhere nearby: Where are you?

Matt: Over here. Follow my voice. Come, come, come.

(the voice turns out to be Jared)

Jared: What are you guys doing?

Matt: We are having a little powwow.

Jared: Is there anything I can add to the mix for a bit?

Matt: Of course there is.

Tomo: I'm sure there is.

Eric: Hey, my name's Eric. (shaking hand)

Jared: Ok, hey. Jared.

Erin: I'm Erin. (shaking hand)

Jared: Ok. 2 Ѕ questions you can ask me. Go! (loud laughing)

Erin: Umm…

Jared: (more laughing) (claps hands and points to Eric)

Matt: (laughing hysterically) Tom Cruise!

Jared: (To Matt) He didn't get it. (To Erin) Go!

Erin: Umm… (laughing)

Jared: (To Eric) Go!

Eric: Where do babies come from?

Jared: That I still haven't figured out yet. Thank god! (laughs all around) Go! (more laughs all around)

Eric: Ok, let's go on to the next one. What would say is the main message you guys were trying to convey with A Beautiful Lie?

Jared: I actually try not to convey anything. I think it's a bonus if people get a message or a cohesive thought from it. That's fantastic. Certainly you have goals when working on a group of songs, a record of information that hopefully shares some common ground. Each individual song is like a chapter in a book. We talked about that a little bit. I remember when it was in the very beginning and I had notes written down talking about grand ideas and themes. Wanting to use certain metaphors to describe certain things… ideas like violence. External violence to represent an internal battle and you find that a lot. Song titles like "Battle of One" to "Attack" to "The Kill"… umm…

Matt: Something wrong?

Jared: (smiling) I've got to say so much of the work is done without being self conscious. Hopefully there is a lot of common ground that is shared from song to song. There is certainly themes that are present, but if someone gets the message… you can't worry about the consumer.

(Matt's cell phone goes off again)

Eric: Now you've played a lot of shows over the years. Anytime there is a band that has an actor in it, there is a lot of skepticism. I think you have proved yourself with all of the live shows and…

Matt: Thank you.

Eric: Do you think you've gotten past the skepticism?

Jared: Not many people saw WKRP in Cincinnati: The New Years and Matt was not only terrific on the show…

Matt: Thank you.

Jared: But his consistency as an actor has really helped us as a band. His work as a dramatist has only made us stronger. I mean when he played Lenny the 47-year old transvestite in the off-Broadway "Piggy Wiggy on my Diggy Shniggy Piggy (laughs all around)… I got no Piggy… (laughs all around)

Matt: People ask me a lot about that one.

Jared: The fact that he could grow a goatee…

(Matt's cell phone goes off again)

Tomo: OH MY GOD!

Jared: The fact that he could grow a goatee and breasts, I thought he deserved a Tony.

Matt: (smiling) I thought I deserved an Academy Award.

Jared: But instead he got some guy named Fred in a bar on 32nd street. (In a gay voice) He'll do just fine. (back to normal) Oh god I shouldn't drink caffeine before interviews.

Matt: (laughing) I love you like this! I gotta say.

Jared: And all I had was that little bit (points to his Starbucks cup that only ј of it has been drunk)

Eric: Hey it's cool.

Matt: Wait, what was the question?

Tomo: The question was skepticism. No. We don't even listen to that.

Jared: Every band's got challenges, every band. From the lead singer being a dope fiend to gaining 45 pounds to being a loser to not making a second good record to being too ugly to being to pretty to being too big of a rock star to being too boring, you know? Everyone's got a fucking problem. I'll take my problems over theirs any day. We've had a lot of success and we are very grateful for it. We have the best fans in the world.

Tomo: Yup. (Matt nodding in agreement)

Jared: We have toured with some of our favorite bands. We've just made a record we're really proud of. You can't make everybody happy.

Tomo: You can't let it bother you. It's not really that important.

Matt: You would go crazy if you tried to make everyone happy.

Erin: So right now you are on tour with Chevelle and Taproot. How's the tour been going?

Matt: Great. We toured with Chevelle in…

Tomo: 2003.

Matt: 2003. It was a few years ago.

Jared: It's borderline slightly too heavy musically for us. But there is something about Chevelle that they always lean towards a melody. We are very theatrical and are huge in thinking of the presentation of a live show. So, it's not the perfect experience musically, but the biggest part is that it works. We really like the guys in Chevelle. They are friends of ours and they have been very kind to us.

Tomo: They definitely go out of their way to make us have a better show every night… which they don't have to do.

Jared: Yeah. We're a little more on the softer, more melodic side and they're a little bit heavier. If our heaviest and more intense songs versus their more melodic seem to kind of have a nice collision there.

Tomo: Yup. I agree.

Matt: It's a happy collision.

Jared: If they played a couple songs on the flute we might be…

Matt: A little Jethro Tull action?

Jared: I did try to use a flute by the way on this album.

Matt: I do remember that.

Jared: We kind of did end up using a flute sound on "The Fantasy." It would have been nice to use a gospel choir too.

(a security guard steps in)

Security: Are you guys waiting for somebody?

Matt: Nope. We're just doing an interview.

Security: Sorry.

Matt: It's ok.

Jared: See how much respect we get! You see that?

Erin: I know that after this tour you are heading out with The Used. Any plans after that?

Jared: Who said that? The Used? Who are they?

Erin: The Used.

Jared: No! U2! (a look of confusion on Erin's face) Yeah!

Erin: Oh…

Jared: No! I'm just kidding. (big laughs all around)

Erin: (laughing) Oh, I was gonna say, did the website lie?

Tomo: I wish.

Jared: Oh my god yeah. But the funny thing is is that I've heard that U2 is a crushing tour to get because everyone just goes to see U2.

Matt: It's so huge.

Jared: So you'd be there and a lot of the crowd is probably older. But yeah, we're going out with The Used, which is great because Bert (vocalist for The Used) is a madman. We're friends with them as well. That's going to be a very synergistic tour.

Tomo: Plus the Street Drum Corps are gonna be on it as well. So, it's gonna be fun.

Matt: On the whole tour?

Tomo: Yeah, the whole thing.

Matt: Oh, that's cool.

Jared: It'll be a fun little package!

Tomo: After that we're doing some radio shows and off dates in between that through September. I don't really know which ones, but we'll be busy through September for sure. That's what we have right now.

Eric: Then maybe a headline tour?

Jared: Yeah, I'd like to do that after. We're still waiting to see what happens with other tours out there but that will be the next thing once we get some other issues out of the way. We're gonna have to decide what we're gonna do.

Tomo: Yup.

Eric: We have a couple traditional questions we always ask. What's your favorite food, favorite movie, and favorite 80s song?

(A doorman comes over)

Doorman: You guys all set over there?

Tomo: Yeah. We're doing an interview. Thank you.

Jared: Favorite food I think would have to be… a warm goat cheese…

Matt: Mmmm yes! With Melba Toast!

Jared: Cranberry Toast, Spinach Salad. Followed by…

Matt: Chutney!

Jared: Tomato bisque sitting on a…

Matt: Chutney!

Jared: Thinly sliced cheesed and bread…

Matt: Chutney!

Jared: Fondue followed by tofu steak marinated with pineapple (looks at Matt smiling) chutney.

Matt: YES! (laughs all around)

Jared: (breaks into British accent) With green and red orange bell peppers, summer squash and friendly fruits and vegetables.

Matt: Ah yes.

Tomo: The god's greens! That's wonderful.

Matt: What was the second one?

Eric: Favorite movie.

Tomo: My new favorite movie is At Close Range.

Jared: (shouting) THX 1138

Matt: Yes, that's a good one.

Eric: At Close Range?

Jared: (shouting) AT CLOSE RANGE!

Tomo: Yes, At Close Range is my new favorite movie.

Eric: Favorite 80s song?

Jared: I'd have to say "Relax" by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

Matt: Yes.

Jared: Ooh. Pinch my nipple! Just relax. (laughs all around)

Matt: Mine would be "99 Red Balloons" by Nina. I love that song.

Eric: That's a great song.

Matt: I could never get sick of it.

Jared: Katchagoogoo?

Tomo: I was only 2 years old in the 80s so I don't have one.

Jared: You fool. Come on. Just say "Into the Beast" by Iron Maiden.

Tomo: Yeah why not? I like that one.

(At this point Jared lets out his best Bruce Dickinson yell. Jared, Matt, and Tomo all proceed to sing the chorus from "Run to the Hills.")

Eric: You guys should cover that tonight.

Jared: Yeah, we tried.

Matt: We did. (laughs all around) We did.

Eric: Now obviously you guys have traveled to a lot of places, but if you could go anywhere, whether it's through touring or just on your own…

Matt: Pittsburg, PA.

Tomo: Japan!

Jared: Antarctica!

Eric: Ok.

Matt: (To Jared) Yeah, you've been talking about that for a while now.

Jared: Yeah.

Tomo: I want Jared to be like this more of the time.

Matt: Yeah. You need to drink more (caffeine).

Jared: (In an accent) My brain is working faster, Faster, I CAN FEEL IT! (big laughs all around) ... (mumbles)… (in his accent still) Tell me is this the truth you're telling me or something…

Matt: You're catching him in a very, very rare state.

Eric: I think he should drink the rest of it.

Tomo: (laughing hysterically) Yeah, me too!

Erin: So, what's the best part about being in 30 Seconds to Mars?

Matt: Everything.

Jared: (still in accent) There is no best.

Matt: I don't think you can really point to one thing and say it's the best. This is kind of clichй, but there really isn't a best. I think that just the experience or that the four of us get to share this dream. We all share this common vision of what we want and we've created it.

Tomo: And we get to do it.

Matt: Yeah, we get to live it out.

Tomo: The best part is that we get to do it. That's the best part.

Matt: Same for me. The fact that I get to share a bunk with Tomo. (To a woman who interrupts that will be aforementioned as Rude Woman) Hi. How are you?

Rude Woman: Do you guys know I have a photo shoot after?

Matt: No we didn't know that.

Rude Woman: It's the cover a magazine. I'll tell you about it.

Matt: Really?

Rude Woman: Yeah.

Matt: Well done! I loved your photos earlier by the way.

Rude Woman: What?

Jared: (In accent still) So happy to (mumbles)

Rude Woman: Did you guys actually look at the pictures?

Matt: Yeah.

Jared: (In accent) We're just doing an interview right now sweet heart. (With a perturbed look on his face) Good to see you. (laughs all around)

Erin: Alright. So, where do you guys see yourself in 10 years?

Tomo: Doing exactly what we're doing right now.

Matt: I was gonna say an old folks home.

Tomo: Sitting here talking to you about this interview we had 10 years prior and laughing about how I was right. Think about that for a second. Just imagine! Just imagine for a moment if it was the same group 10 years from now. Yes.

Eric: Ok, let's do it then.

Tomo: Ok.

Matt: Is that it?

Eric: This is the last one. If you could say, and each of you can answer this individually, one thing to the entire world that everyone would hear, what would you say to them?

Matt: Please be quiet.

Tomo: Go to sleep. (laughing)

Jared: (long pause) August 30! (big laughs all around) (Editors Note: August 30, 2005 is the release date of A Beautiful Lie)

Tomo: I knew you were gonna say it! (more laughs)

Matt: The sinker.

Jared: A Beautiful Lie. (Breaks into another accent) I will stand upon Mount Cyanide and deliver up to me…

Matt: (in accent) Shout it out loud!

Jared: In great tombs of endearment with metaphors aside and truth in all my eyes. Here them August 30. Come. Be a new message. Prepare (HUGE laughs all around) so that thy credit card may not expire. Remember, on I-tunes immediately.

Matt: Your computer. Don't forget.

Eric: Any last comments?

Tomo: Check out the website www.30secondstomars.com. The album comes out August 30. In stores everywhere. Nationwide. Don't forget to buy it.

Matt: (In accent) Shout it out loud!

Tomo: If you download it I will come after you with a knife!

Eric: We got the album in the mail this morning and it's amazing.

Matt: (in accent) Well done!

Jared: Thank you guys!

Eric: Thank you.

Erin: Thanks.

We would like to thank Jared, Tomo, and Matt for taking the time out of their day to chat with us. The interview was a blast and will certainly go down in history as the most interesting and amusing interview we have conducted to date. Just a side note: we have heard many rumors that Jared can be an "ass" or a "jerk" and both of us can attest to the fact that nothing could be further from the truth. He was nice, very funny, and most of all fun. And let us not forget how great Matt and Tomo were also! Big thanks to Julie over at Virgin Records and Mark for hooking everything up. For more information on 30 Seconds to Mars check out www.30secondstomars.com.


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not a distraction, but pain in the ass
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not a distraction, but pain in the ass
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@настроение: а ведь есть еще и китайский


not a distraction, but pain in the ass
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not a distraction, but pain in the ass
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not a distraction, but pain in the ass
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not a distraction, but pain in the ass
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not a distraction, but pain in the ass

Оболдеть...Чем?Как?Об кого? Это кусочек ревью с

Best Day Ever
So umm Jared like fell on me while doing the whole running around lost in the crowd, I accidently got like his spit and sweat in my mouth at somepoint, and then just touching the whole upfront crowd.

Ohh yeah he mentioned that we may be a little crazy when he chipped his tooth and his pants got torn a little.



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Взято с JAREDLETO.COM- интервью старое-на ночь не читать

Moderator: Now we're having Sarah's favourite guest of the morning On The Mojo on the Morning Show.

Sarah: Mmmmhmmmm.

Moderator: What movies has he been in? He's been in, uh, Panic Room, which is one of the one’s that ...

Sarah: Fight Club!

Moderator: Fight Club was another big one that he had...

Moderator: Of course "My so called life"

Sarah: That's what I was addicted to in the, 90s, early 90's when i was in college...heaven!

Moderator: And he dated Cameron Diaz, just before Justin dated Cameron Diaz...

Sarah: And after he dated Cameron Diaz, allegedly he went out on a date with Britney Spears to piss off Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz, who are together.

Moderator: Love that. Uh, he's kinda the creepy guy that was in "The Panic Room".

Sarah: "Panic Room"

Moderator: Uh, he's in the movie "Alexander"... Colin Farrel in that movie, there's a lot of hype about the frontal nudity and stuff like that, and I know, Sarah, that you wish that I could have Colin Farrel...

Sarah: Mmmhmmmmm.

Moderator: With his own frontal nudity on, but will you settle for this guy?

Sarah: Yes, please.

Moderator: Jared Leto on the Mojo on the Morning Show right now.

Jared: Are you guys talking dirty this early in the morning?

*they all laugh*

Sarah: Why not!?

Jared: You horny bastards.

Moderator: Hey, Jared, do me a favour, will you please?

Jared: ...

Moderator: Don't ever have a movie come out, where all Sarah thinks about is the fact that there's gonna be frontal nudity in there.

Jared: Hehe, yeah.

Sarah: Full frontal with Colin Farrel.

Moderator: That's all she cares about.

Sarah: It's a good selling point.

Moderator: Are you in bed right now, Jared?

Jared: Uh, yeah, I'm actually in bed right now.

Moderator: Aha, I knew it.

Jared: Stroke.

Sarah: Woohoooo!

*They all laugh*

Sarah: You know they cut that from the movie, so he had to do it in real life...

Jared: Yeah, but not by Colin Farrel, unfortunately.

*They all laugh*

Sarah: Did they leave your kissing scenes in?

Jared: Uh we, I don’t know, this is kind of a mess, actually there wasn't any kissing scenes in the film or anything like that.

*They all laugh*

Sarah: Wow he’s kinda… He's got the hot 'rrrrr', Jared Leto is hot.

Moderator: Sarah’s actually just left the studio to go make you breakfast...she’ll be there in a moment

*They all laugh*

Moderator: Breakfast in bed this morning.

Sarah: I'm wearing your button-down shirt and it was great last night.

Moderator: Now what happened with you in this movie, Jared, because in every movie I see you in you’re disfigured in some kind of way, like in "Requiem for a Dream" your arm becomes amputated, in "Fight Club" your face
is beaten beyond recognition, in "Panic Room" you’re badly burnt, in "American Psycho" you're brutally murdered with an axe...

*Jared laughs*

Moderator: What can we expect to, uh, inflict upon your body in "Alexander"?

Jared: Well, uh, I get a wound to the groin.

*They all laugh*

Jared: I, uh, I get poisoned, and, uh, I'm forced to do all kinds of sexual bizarre acts.

Moderator 1: Your manager is sadomasochistic, isn't he?

Jared: Yeah, definitely.

Moderator: So, Jared, the movie has had a lot of different rumours out about it, one of them was the one we just talked about with you and the kiss, so there is no kiss?

Jared: No there’s no kiss, I mean, what these two guys had for each other was an intense love and friendship and support, kinship, umm, and that's what's on the screen, that’s what Oliver put on the screen.

Sarah: However, have you heard about the law suit?

Jared: I heard there's some Greeks upset about some, uh, gayness, ah yeah, you know... who knows.

Sarah: There's some Greek, uh lawyers I think that...

Jared: There's other things in the world to get upset and sue people about...you know.. not Oliver Stone's uh... version of... history.

Moderator 1: Well, there's never been a gay Greek person ever so...

*They all laugh*

Jared: Hence the term "Greek".

*They all laugh*

Jared: Who knows where that came from, but ahh I think it gives us an idea of what they were all doing back in the day...

*they all laugh*

Sarah: Oliver Stone, I hear, is kinda tricky to work with.

Jared: He can be, uh, a complete son of a *peep*, but he also can be the
sweetest, most generous person on the planet. He's an artist, he's like, uh, big Van Gogh or Beethoven, he's completely out of his mind.
He's like a mad genius, I always say, uhm, and he doesn’t exist on a normal social plane, he really is uh...Works on a different level.

Sarah: Is the movie gonna go over people's heads? I heard he did some wild artistic stuff that people aren't really getting.

Jared: I think, uh... Well the movie's not out yet, so who knows what they're getting at, maybe, uhm... I think there's been screenings for critics and whatever, but every Oliver Stone movie, whether it's "Platoon", "JFK", "Natural born Killers", "Wallstreet", even "Scarface"...There's people that love it, there's people that hate it. He's a guy that embraces, uh, controversy and this film deals with a lot of crazy, crazy issues, so it's not gonna make people comfortable all the time, but it's exciting.

Moderator: We had our screening and, uh, the ladies went crazy, we did it as a ladies night on a Monday night, so women went crazy for the movie, they enjoyed it.

Jared: Yeah, did you give out free drinks before?

*They all laugh*

Moderator: We did yeah, he had it at the movie theatre that serves alcohol, so it was good, it was actually a lot of fun.

Jared: With vibrators in the seats.

*They all laugh*

Moderator: Hey write that down for the next one...

Jared: Talk about the test scores, my god.

*They all laugh*

Moderator: Hey Jared, you gotta answer the question that, since you know all this thing has been out... what does Colin Farrel look like full frontal nudity?

Jared: Hung like a f... wilder beast.

*They all laugh*

Jared: We've all seen every inch of each other, you better believe it. By the end of 6 months in the desert, 3 weeks at boot camp in Morocco, we spent 3 continents and uh slept with pretty much about 30 or 48 other same women a piece, we've, uh, learned a lot about each other.

Moderator: what's the craziest tabloid you've ever seen about yourself? I mean they really go over the deep end sometimes. I gotta imagine when you were dating Cameron Diaz, it probably hit a rock bottom for you.

Jared: You know I never look at that stuff unless someone tells me about it in a conversation uh...I think the one about me having a 14 and a half inch *peep* was definitely exaggerated by an inch or two.

*They all laugh*

Sarah: Oh, but you started that one!

Jared: That was, that was...you know, my grandmother was appalled

*They all laugh*

Jared (imitating a woman's voice): Oh, it's gotta be at least 15!

*they all laugh*

Moderator: On that note!

Jared: The name of the show is "Jared Leto's *peep*"

Moderator: The movie is called "Alexander"...

Jared: Yes, Sir.

Moderator: Jared Leto On the Mojo on the Morning Show, thank you so much for joining us.

Jared: Hey, thank you guys for having me and have a nice day.

Moderator: Jared Leto like you've never seen or heard before...

Jared: Or felt!

*They all laugh*

Jared: All you gotta say is bring a shoe horn and a can opener with it.

*They all laugh*

Moderator : Wow, oh my gosh, I can't wait...

*Jared laughs*

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not a distraction, but pain in the ass


Интервью Мэтти и Шенни :clock3: .Опять про пальчик--полные подробности, :lamp: опять кровь на барабанах, :uzhos: новый tour bus , неизеданные таланты Томо, :type: чем ребята занимаются в дороге :shy: ,ну и фотки-как без них?! :lip:


not a distraction, but pain in the ass
Мне как-то не по себе от этого коротенького итнервью- Джаред то ли заблеает,то ли сильно устал,то ли чем-то растроен-давно не видела его таким,особенно в контрасте с балаганом на MTV. :weep2: :weep:
Это с 27 марта,а на MTV они были 30-странно это-а может он только в присутствии ебят такой весь из себя :soton: ?



not a distraction, but pain in the ass
Так вот кто виноват(лежа под столом) :crazy: :alles:

Известный каббалист раввин Давид Бацри сообразил, почему в Израиле произошла вспышка птичьего гриппа. По его убеждению, причина кроется в том, что левые партии борются за права гомосексуалистов. Сын Бацри, раввин Ицхак Бацри предостерегает: если левые продолжат действовать в том же духе, от птичьего гриппа могут пострадать и люди.

Сам Бацри сказал 20 марта, что распространению эпидемии птичьего гриппа способствуют транспаранты, установленные МЕРЕЦом и другими левыми партиями вдоль шоссе. По словам каббалиста, своими лозунгами левые партии поощряют блуд. А самый мерзкий блуд нашего времени, добавил раввин, творят гомосексуалисты и лесбиянки. Борьба за права этих сексуальных меньшинств, считает каббалист - это поддержка блуда.


not a distraction, but pain in the ass
Теперь и Шенн бедного Метти подкалывать начал? :eyebrow:

Дружная семейка-ну кто бы сомневался :sex:

Пропустили вы,ребята что-то...... :smirk:
А у Метти какая-то нездоровая страсть
к розовому. :knit:
У Шенни тоже видно ,тоже ангельское терпение-раз дорогому братцу ни разу мордочку не начистил
artist: Shannon Leto (drums)
Matt Wachter (bass)
of 30 Seconds to Mars
venue: The Metro in Chicago, IL
date: April 1, 2006
interviewer & photographer: Rachel

5:30pm, April Fool’s Day in Chicago, IL. Outside The Metro I wait to interview Shannon and Matt of 30 Seconds to Mars. Though it is 7 hours before the band will take the stage that night, I’m eager for the show – my first chance to see the band live since my first encounter in 2002. After a short wait I step on the tour bus and am greeted by Shannon, wearing a furry Russian-like hat, and Matt, wearing a black and white horizontal striped shirt and a black ski hat, very much resembling some kind of thief.

Rachel: Alright, we’re taping over a GWAR interview here. Ok here we go. So this is your first headlining tour and fourteen of your first fifteen shows are sold out. Congrats! What do you attribute such success to at the moment?

Shannon: Hard work, hard work. We started touring, let’s see my brother and I were signed in ’98, we completed the album in 2002, right?

Matt: No, 2001. It came out in 2002.

Shannon: Ok, it came out in 2002 so we just started touring right away and we did 300 shows those first two years. We kind of built a fan base doing that, just by touring and touring and playing in front of whoever, whenever. Just an old school way of getting fans, ya know. We didn’t have MTV, no radio really, and Matt was with us then and I think that contributed to a lot of what’s going on now. Along with that the music is speaking to people in a way that a lot of music is lacking. I think we’re showing people something different and people are latching onto it and agreeing with what is being “spoken” for lack of a better word.

Rachel & Matt try to speak simultaneously.

Rachel: Go ahead, sorry.

Matt: Go ahead.

Rachel: No!

Shannon: He just wanted to say ‘yep.’

Matt: I just wanted to say ‘yes, I concur.’

Shannon: He concurs.

Matt: I concur.

Rachel: I saw you in ’02 at the Ranch Bowl in Omaha in front of 50ish people and now this.

Shannon: Isn’t it crazy? Sold out, 1500 people!

Matt: It’s really nice to see it grow like this and like Shannon was saying we took a very grassroots approach to this without the help of radio or MTV or anything like that.

Shannon: And a label that was falling apart and rebuilding itself so we had… bands were getting fired, it was a crazy time. No marketing, no promotion, nothing, it was just us.

Matt: We just kept doing what we do.

Rachel: For the first album were you on Virgin Records as well?

Shannon: First album was on Immortal/Virgin.

Rachel: How have things changed from then to now?

Shannon: Well right now we’re with Virgin, just Virgin.

Rachel: How did you decide who would tour with you on this first headlining tour?

Matt: We’re avid users of MySpace and we just checked out the bands on MySpace and picked some of the ones that seemed best suited for our tour.

Shannon: There are different bands throughout the tour.

Matt: Yeah, we wanted to kind of mix it up. We’re all about giving bands opportunities just like other bands gave us great opportunities along the way.

Shannon: Want to spread the love.

Rachel: MySpace is POWERFUL.

Matt: Quite powerful.

Rachel: Matt, when the tour started you had to cancel 2 shows due to cutting your finger to the bone. What happened and how has it healed?

Matt: I did it with a pair of scissors and a light bulb.

Shannon: And a small Billy goat.

Matt: And a small Billy goat and a pound of butter and a roll of duct tape. It was just a momentary lapse of judgment and timing. It set us back a little bit. It’s totally healed now; I just don’t have feeling in the tip. I think there’s nerve damage, but it’s ok.

Shannon: Say the whole thing again.

Matt: I don’t have feeling in the tip.

Rachel: [laugh]

Matt: It could be taken a couple different ways.

Shannon: Say it again?

Matt: I do need feeling in the tip. So we had to postpone Salt Lake City and Denver, but we’re going to make those shows up.

Rachel: Cool. Tomorrow you’re going up to Toronto to shoot a video for “The Kill.” Why that song? What’s it going to be about? Why are you recruiting twins?

Shannon: Can’t tell you and can’t tell you.

Matt: [laugh] “The Kill” is our second single and so obviously that’s what the video is for.

Rachel: Why Toronto?

Matt: Actually, it just kind of worked out very nicely. We love Toronto and we love spending time there. And it just happened to work out that…

Shannon: The location is perfect.

Matt: ...that the location is perfect, so we get to do it there. We’re leaving right after the show tonight and driving to Toronto. It’s going to be a very, very hectic two days, but it’s going to be amazing. The idea for the video is unbelievable, we have a great director, and it’s materializing and coming together. I actually have the storyboard right here. Wanna see it, wanna see it?

Rachel: Woooooooo! You’re having people come out to the shoot right?

Matt: We are having a select number of fans come out for the shoot and yes we are having twins and that’s all I'll say about that.

Shannon: Several twins.

Matt: Several, serveral.

Shannon: A variety of twins.

Matt: We do like variety.

Rachel: Talk about the recording process of the new album. You recorded on four separate continents?

Matt: Yes mam.

Rachel: Can you explain that?

Shannon: We had the opportunity to travel to different places to record the album. So we did it just because we had the opportunity to go to different parts of the world, why not then right? And because of that the sound is the way it is on the album. I think, I know actually, if we were locked up in the studio in L.A. it would have been a lot different. But because we were subjected to different cultures and different experiences…

Rachel: Where did you go?

Shannon: South Africa… Thailand… Morocco… England…

Matt: We did stuff in the States as well.

Shannon: …States… Guadalupe…

Matt: And the thing about it is everyone thinks we were in these lavish studios, but…

Shannon: …Russia... China… New Zealand… Australia…

Matt: … it wasn’t that. We brought a rig with us and just kind of did it low budget and used the money to travel to all these different places.

Shannon: … Singapore…

Matt: He’s just going to keep going, I’m going to beat the hell out of him in a second. He’s all over the place.

Rachel: [laugh]

Matt: Like Shannon was saying it is definitely what gave the record its expansive quality that I don’t think we would have gotten otherwise. Where’d Shannon go? Shannon?

Shannon holds his hands over his face.

Matt: I’m going to call him; he does this every so often. He just disappears.

Rachel: Oh my god. [laugh]

Matt: Shannon?

Shannon “reappears” moving his hands from shielding his face.

Shannon: Hey, what’s up?

Matt: Shannon! Don’t time travel!

Shannon: I’m sorry.

Matt: It’s not cool.

Shannon: Sorry, dude.

Matt: We haven’t done that in awhile. Don’t time travel. Especially not during an interview, it’s just rude. But he’s back.

Shannon: I was here, but I wasn’t.

Rachel: That’s ok. I was spacing out too when I was listening to you, Matt.

Matt: Oh, were you.

Shannon: Oh! [laugh] Oh man!

Rachel: [laugh] Just kidding.

Shannon: You better be.

Matt: [laugh]

Rachel: “The Fantasy” is an awesome song with a lot of layers.

Matt: Thank you very much.

Rachel: How was it composed? How does the writing process typically work?

Matt: That song definitely kind of stood apart from the rest. There’s a little bit of a departure, I’m not sure if that was intentional or not.

Shannon: That kind of reflects the old sound, the old way of writing. “The Fantasy” definitely represents the past or the self-titled album. How the writing process works is, there’s no set formula. It can start with a bass line or a guitar riff or vocal line, melody, drum beat. It’s not really a particular way. Jared writes all of the lyrics.

Rachel: You talked about “The Fantasy” reflecting the old stuff. There is a transition between the first and second albums. How did that come about? What were you shooting for and where do you go from here?

Matt: I think it was kind of a natural progression. The first record was just Jared and Shannon and then when Tomo and I came onboard I think we really grew into a band. I think the new album definitely reflects more of a band feel; it has that kind of vibe to it. And we definitely don’t want to do the same thing twice. We set out to do something different, to have a departure from the first record, and I think we succeeded. That was something we talked about early on, without having it be too contrived or anything like that, let’s just do something different. We all come from different musical backgrounds and when you put that into a blender and what you get is a 30 Seconds to Mars pie.

Shannon: And that’s what we always want to do is to keep trying to do things different and to keep taking risks. It’s important artistically to express ourselves that way. The next album if we want to dance on some garbage cans…

Matt: And wear jumpsuits.

Shannon: …and wear jumpsuits, yellow…

Matt: Pink, striped pink. We’re gonna do that goddamnit!

Shannon: …we want to do that. We want to have that freedom. I think too many bands are pigeonholed and they’re scared to try different things, people won’t allow them to. I never want to be put in that situation. I think we can do whatever we want, really. And our label has been really accepting of our exprеssion. So, thanks Virgin Records!

Rachel: You’re lucky; they’re not all like that.

Matt: No, they’re not and there are a lot of cookie cutter bands out there. They find a formula that works and they stick to it or the label tells them to stick to it. I think we’re definitely an exception to that rule.

Shannon: And let me tell you it takes a lot of work to really do what you want to do. If someone isn’t allowing you to do what you do then you start questioning. ‘No you can’t do that, you can’t paint it red.’ ‘But I love red, the way it makes me feel…’ ‘Nah, this thing works over here.’ And then you start questioning yourself cause you get tired, you’re creating this thing and then you get tired and then you’re like ‘I don’t know about red anymore.’

Matt: You start questioning yourself.

Shannon: But because all of us have this common goal we get to rely on each other and that’s what’s great being in a band with these guys.

Rachel: Good guys?

Shannon: Great guys.

Rachel: Do you fight with your brother ever?

Shannon: No.

5 seconds of silence.

Matt: Come on.

Shannon: There are wars

Matt: [laugh]

Rachel: I was gonna say, if I’m on tour with my sister? No way is that gonna work.

Matt: It’s not even a brother thing per se. We all have our bad moments. We’re a family, all of us. There are good days and bad days just like any other family. We’re human, we all hold short of the glory every now and then.Rachel: No!

Matt: Yeah, believe it or not.

Shannon: Oh yeah.

Matt: We’re perfect most of the time.

Rachel: Mmmhmmm. Well, what? Fifty songs were recorded for the first CD? What happened to them? Any make the new record? How many did you compose for the second album?

Matt: Kind of the same thing. We had forty songs this time around.

Rachel: Forty?!

Matt: Yep, and we narrowed it down to ten. I think Jared put it best one time; it’s like pushing your unwanted children out of the back of a station wagon.

Rachel: [laugh]

Matt: To narrow it down we picked the ten songs that told the story the best. They kind of have that cohesive flow. It’s not a concept record per se, but there is a flow to it if you dig a little deeper. It’s a tough process letting go of some songs. Some of us fought a little harder for some, some of us got a little attached. [laugh]

Rachel: Are the songs you rejected gone?

Shannon: Gone for now.

Rachel: Oh, gone for NOW.

Shannon: For now maybe, forever maybe. But you never know.

Rachel: Probably forever, ok.

Shannon: But you never know.

Matt: Sometimes things can be reinterpreted. “Attack” is a perfect example of that.

Shannon: A rebirth of sorts.

Matt: Exactly. “Attack” is a song that was thrown out countless times. It was actually one of the oldest songs on the record that was written and has gone through four or five mutations and it ended up being the first single on the record. So go figure.

Rachel: Wow. No kidding.

Matt: “The Kill” was another one in the trash.

Shannon: It was great. I got up to South Africa man, and remember that? Going over the bridge? How fun was that? It was just working. Remember that?

Matt: South Africa was an incredible place where a lot of those songs kind of had a rebirth. Our perception changed a lot. Being in South Africa I think changed us a little bit.

Shannon: It was cool.

Rachel: “Buddha for Mary,” what’s it about?

Shannon: It’s whatever you think it’s about. It’s wrapped up in your own interpretation, which is really important to us. Imagine if I asked Jimmy Page what “Stairway to Heaven” was about. ‘Well I was sitting on the stool, taking a shit, and I was just thinking about God and I felt like I was on a stairway to heaven. I like art that you can interpret yourself. It’s not a Norman Rockwell painting, it’s abstract. It’s for each individual’s interpretation.

Rachel: Exactly. I was having a discussion about that earlier in regard to Radiohead. It’s the feeling, which is personal, that you should be interpreting, not just the words.

Matt: I love Radiohead. I don’t want to know what’s going on in Thom’s head. But there’s a perfect example of a band that has reinvented themselves time and time again.

Rachel: What do you guys do when the band is off and Jared is acting?

Shannon: There’s lots of work to do. 30 Seconds to Mars isn’t just picking up an instrument and creating music and playing it live. There’s so much that this band entails. The graphics, we have control over all of our artist exprеssion, and our online services, everything. We’re a part of it all and all of that takes time. It takes so much time to finish something.

Matt: It’s a blessing and a curse being able to have control of and being involved in every aspect of the band. But it is time consuming especially when you’re on the road trying to keep on top of everything.

Shannon: Plus I’m a photographer.

Rachel: Oh really? Cool.

Matt: And it actually works out really nice that we just got done with 9 months of touring, we took a little break at Christmas, and Jared went and did a movie. So he just never stops, he’s a machine. He just never stops. And he came back from New York to L.A.; a week later we were on tour. No rest for the wicked.

Rachel: Wow, that’s crazy. What can we expect from the show tonight? What kind of set?

Matt: This is our opportunity to present 30 Seconds to Mars in the way we always wanted to.

Shannon: Headlining tour is great for that.

Matt: Forever Night, Never Day is our moment to shine.

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not a distraction, but pain in the ass
заканчиваем с малым глобальную работу-реферат Мои корни.Вчера отсканили 45 фоток-причем я нашла даже прадедушек в лапсердаках,а у мужа обрыается на родителях-завтра поедут к тетке на поиски.


not a distraction, but pain in the ass
Фотки конечно супер. Совсем уже и норму пришел.Только что случилось,
почему столько тоски в глазах? После прочтения перевода Клер Кипли мне вообще как-то не по-себе, даже оригинал так не пронял.

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not a distraction, but pain in the ass
Спасибо всем поздравившим :heart: :love: :bigkiss:


not a distraction, but pain in the ass


not a distraction, but pain in the ass
здесь фотки и видео с концерта 7/05/06-с того,после которого он сказал,что чувствует сеся еще не лучшим образом...

пара цитат из ревью
guy in front of me at the signing lifted up his shirt for jared to sign his chest...
dude-"sign my chest?"
jared-"sure." *signs chest*...*sly smile as he circles the dudes nipples*...*entire face lights up as he decides to keep drawing on the guy* "SHANNON!! COME HELP ME DRAW A BRA ON THIS GUY!!!"
him and shannon went to town on this guys chest..it was hilarious..they were both hysterical.
finally get up to the boys and jareds first..
me-"so jared, should i call you barthalomew???"
jared-*pulls me in for a hug and then whispers in my ear* "its a secret!!"
me-"i promise i wont tell."
then we both laughed.
then as we were leaving they almost ran me over in the damn cart...jared was in the back facing backward and making faces at everyone and sticking his tongue out while laughing. he was a complete dork all day.

it was alot of fun..but the performance wasnt their best. jareds voice is still weak. he needs another few days off

then matticus..
i hugged him and he looked more exhausted then i have ever seen him. he was so unanimated but still friendly of course. when i hugged him i told him he looked so tired and he said "i am tired.." and then i told him to get some sleep

Не помню где, но после этого шоу Мэтт пожаловался кому-то другому,
Интересно,что за сволочи?



Look into the new future's face